Application Development

Application development in different environments is a tough nut to crack because all the features and functions are different in various platforms. Each OS on mobiles, tablets and wearable’s is differently wired and comes with constraints of its own. We work around and create solutions that don’t break the rules and remain inclined towards your brief.\ We leave no stone unturned in making your dream app development possible.

If you are wondering how an app is developed, keep on reading and if you want to contact us immediately – we are just a line away. If you are only t the research stage our project managers will help you hatch the idea and conceive it as per your thoughts and market research.

We also answer your questions like:

  • What is the roadmap, wireframe of application development?
  • What will app development on Android platform cost like?
  • How much time will it take to develop a prototype?
  • When can we launch on the app store?

Just a call can help you learn about all your queries and we can really learn about your application requirements too. This not only help us budget but also give you better suggestions and solutions. Sometimes it is unclear which platform to go for. This can be solved by making an MVP and test things out in the real market. We become your hands-on technology partner who helps you execute your dreams by writing code, designing and launching your app.

Android OS App Development

Google’s very own open source app development platform is our most favourite. If you are looking for special kinds of apps with features like geo location, AI and more – you are at the right place. We make Android games, apps for business and make your process more automatic and convenient. If you need a quote – contact us today.

iOS App Development

Apple is leading in app development in all kinds of devices. Now wearable and Internet of Things is also a major sector. We make iOS apps from scratch and successfully launch them by getting them verified from App store’s team.

Windows App Development

Easier said than done, Windows is no longer the PC only platform it used to be. You can really be on all three big platforms, with our all app package deal. Contact us for more details and we will guide you thoroughly.

Softechway is a leading application development company based out of Delhi. Reach us to chat and discuss your ideas regarding your app. Happy to help you.