IT Support

IT support is a 24x7 available service at Softechway that deals with customer hardware problems that they face in their gadgets, PCs or while running software programs. If something does not work, you get support on our toll free number and we fix it for you.

What IT Support actually brings on the table?

Tailor made solutions that actually solve the problem. Yes, our IT support services are the real deal, because our experts finish the job in no time and bring smile on your faces. If by any reason you facing hardware, software or any other kind of IT issues – you can shoot an email and we will come right at your desk to help you.

Office IT Support

Call us and we are there. Some software troubling you, need a system upgrade or want us to tackle any networking issues – we provide office IT support to start-ups, big call centres and companies who do not hire permanent staff and outsource the gigs.

It is our sole aim in life to make your IT engines – the wheel that takes your business forward spick and span. If they do not function properly you lose a lot of credibility. Hence, you need someone with expertise and a team of IT support professionals who are available 24x7.

On Site Support

Our team of IT experts can travel and reach you all over the country. Sometimes when the issue is serious and your IT support staff cannot solve it, you can call us and request on site IT support too. We gladly travel and fix your computer, infrastructure and related IT problems.

Remote Station Support

You can be anywhere in the world, yet Softechway experts will be on the line with you and fix your IT problem. It can be done via Voice call or video call; we can take the control of your PC, laptop in our hand and troubleshoot the on-going nasty problem that is troubling you. We not only resolve it but also prevent it from happening ever again. We also do weekly routine check-ups of machines for clients who sign up for maintenance and need us from time to time.

Our Goal as IT Support Provider

To eliminate the need and overhead of hiring IT engineers full time, when they are need only for a fraction of time. Pay for what you need and save costs.

Need long term IT support? Call us today.