PPC(Pay Per Click)

Paid advertising is like essential in the world where every click matters. A lead on the internet is generated by paying the search engines to rank you higher and this is where PPC comes in. You have a product launch, new service or offer running on your store – Internet marketers wrap their heads around running your ads and getting more sales within a predetermined budget.

If this sounds great to you – you will definitely need a PPC expert who can answer all your queries and offer you convenient solutions.

What we cover in PPC?

In detail Softechway promotes paid advertising campaigns, does all the needed research and plans your monthly budget as well as strives for a better ROI. A lot of costs are saved when you are working with an experienced PPC agency like Softechway. We know how to deal with changing markets and when to tap into the hidden potential, which your competitors are unaware of. We know what keywords to target on when it comes to target audience that is interested in purchasing or having interest in the services or products you are selling.

  • Google Adwords

  • PPC starts with keyword bidding and you need to choose them wisely. Google Adwords and some other paid tools are used to sort this. It is very important to choose the good low competition keywords so you can get most of the money you are spending.

  • CPC

  • Cost per click depends on the nature of your keyword and industry. Highly competitive keywords generally have high CPC, because other businesses also run advertisement on them. If you want to outrank them, you need to pay more and outdo them in terms of product and service specs.

  • Campaign/Landing Page

  • Softechway PPC team starts a campaign and makes a responsive landing page – that is targeted to your consumer base only. Thus, showing ads only to your audience and saving costs altogether. The interested ones will definitely click and buy.

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Using ads we track the percentage of new users and customers you have acquired. This way you can calculate how much is your ROI on your marketing budget for that week, month or quarter. Sounds good right?

Enough chatter now coming to the real deal:

  • We are Google Certified Ad words and PPC experts

  • We also have Bing Ads certification.

If you are looking for best PPC services in Delhi, India, you can contact Softechway now.