Web Development

Want to develop a kick-ass website or web app? You are in for a lot of coding, testing, deployment and maintenance. But nothing to worry here at Softechway we do this for a living and do it the champion way. Our focus is not just on writing code but writing code that scales as the growth of your business in the future happens. We not only use both open source and enterprise technologies we have certified developers for Ruby, Magento, PHP, Python to help you in all sort of web development projects.

Softechway improves old static websites into dynamic ones by initiating a conversion and making sure that you run your business on latest technologies. We also take care of security and maintenance. All the server and deployment related maintenance can be added at extra costs. If you are still unsure about which technology to go for, you can always ask us by sending us an email or dropping by at our office. We can also come to see you regarding your project requirements whenever you like.

Our Web Development Package:

Front End Development

Your web projects have a look and feel specific to the industry you are catering. We ensure that all the designs, layouts and features of the website are properly coded and scripted. The robust front end development we do ensures success and smiles, when users interact and spend time on your blog, portals or comes in for a business enquiry. Yes, our web development is woven beautifully in your design vision that it encourages lead generation – thereby increasing your business.

Back End Development

We are core techies who spend time on making your website load faster by 2ms. This is something we do religiously so that you are always up and running. This 24x7x365 technology that runs is your server and this part is known as back end development. If a server does not respond to a database, a website can never function. Therefore secure scripts that can fetch info are written so that specific info is retrieved and your sensitive info is secure and hashed away from hackers.

Web Development – Budget, Bespoke and Brand

Softechway leads in all these 3 aspects. Our budget and on time delivery is most talked about in our client testimonials. We believe in writing code for a client and all the assets belong to them. Your brand is our goal as web development professional it is an incredible feeling to give any business a new avatar and making it live on a specific address.

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